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meet Shibui, your new cool friend

About Shibui

Shibui Designs is a woman- and minority-owned integrated marketing and branding firm. Our offerings are: branding + brand development, multicultural + general market marketing, motion graphics, digital media / social media / website design, mobile application development, strategic marketing consulting, and diversity + inclusion consulting. Shibui Designs originated our name from the Japanese word that translates as: “old school cool.” We bring that old school cool to the work we provide for our clients. Our work searches for the essence of an organization – the core truth and values that doesn’t change – and we bring it to life for modern audiences. We combine current sensibilities and digital distribution platforms by rooting them in the heritage of the organization.

About Partners

Shibui Designs is owned and led by Amanda Calvin and Carlos Fuentes. We’ve been designing, marketing, and being cool together for over 7 years. We are 50/50 owners which makes us a woman- and minority-owned business enterprise. Our partnership brings to the table 32 years of combined experience in branding, design, marketing, and multicultural marketing.

Amanda Calvin

Amanda is an experienced graphic designer and business owner. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Design and Visual Communication and has extensive experience designing identities, websites, illustrations, graphics and motion graphics for over 80 organizations across the United States. In addition to being a full-time business owner and designer, Amanda is also an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Kent State University.

Amanda prides herself on equipping clients with the knowledge and confidence that allows them to implement and maintain their visual identity long after the project is completed.

Carlos Fuentes 

Carlos is an experienced brand manager and a nationally recognized leader on diversity and inclusion and multicultural marketing. He has been responsible for managing multi-billion-dollar brands around the world and has several active assignments with global brands.

In addition to being a business owner, Carlos is also active in civil engagement as a volunteer board member and pro-bono consultant to several nonprofit organizations throughout Northeast Ohio and the United States.

Committed to diversity + inclusion

Shibui Designs is a woman- and minority-owned business enterprise. At Shibui Designs, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not limited to a values statement saying we support diversity and inclusion, we are fierce advocates for diversity and inclusion. Our entire careers have been to serve diverse and inclusive clients, consumer populations and advocacy organizations. A significant portion of our portfolio has been to serve many local, national and international minority business enterprises.

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